What is an abstract?

For most postgraduate students, writing an abstract is not as easy as it might sound. An abstract is a summary of your research, but since you only have a short space (as little as 300 words or less) you have to express everything that needs to be said very concisely. Most people find it very hard to write so concisely, and worry that they'll be missing out a lot of important material. So this very short piece can actually be one of the most difficult aspects of your dissertation to write, especially if you have poured all your energy into writing the bulk of your dissertation.


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Don't take risks and try to do everything on your own

It simply isn't worth taking risks and trying to go it alone if you're having trouble with your abstract. If you fail to summarise your research neatly in the few words available to you, it will give a poor impression of your work, however good the actual research may be. It may also be tempting to rush writing the abstract and treat it as an afterthought - trying to save time in this way could cost you.

Help is at hand

Why try to write a great abstract on your own when you can seek the assistance of our expert writers? They can beautifully encapsulate your research in a few hundred words; it's really not a problem for them at all. Yours is far from the first abstract they've ever written, and they can quickly assess how to best summarise the work that you've put so much effort into. A perfect abstract will soon be in your hands, and you'll be able to hand in your dissertation in the full knowledge that your research is flawlessly highlighted.