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Your admissions paper needs to be perfect

If you've managed to write your admissions paper by yourself, and you're happy with it, that's great. But the problem with writing a paper is that even if the content is amazing, a spelling mistake or error of any kind can damage the positive impression that the reader gets. And that could cost you a place at the university you really want to study at, because the admissions tutor will think that you're careless and don't worry about creating the right impression.


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Taking chances is not worth it

Of course, you can read your paper through again and again before you send it, but it's really hard to see mistakes in your own writing. You can ask friends or family to check your paper, but they can also miss mistakes since they're not professionals. And with a university place (and therefore your future) at stake, you just can't afford to take chances. It's absolutely essential to present a good image of yourself - so the really smart thing to do is to get your admissions essay edited by our professional team.

Trust the professionals

Our professional writers and editors do this for a living, and they're very experienced at what they do. They know everything there is to know about formatting an essay and how to present it in the best light. As editors, they're familiar with all the different formatting styles and will format your essay in the style required by the university you're applying to. This is a step that you just can't afford to miss out, and you shouldn't think it's an unnecessary requirement. Let other people bypass the important stage of professional editing, and send your admissions essay to us - we'll return a carefully checked and impeccable paper to you.