Explaining your methodology

No part of writing your dissertation is simple, but when it comes to the methodology you can feel quite confused. This section requires you to explain why you've chosen the way of gathering your information that you're using. You may even have to explain the methods you're using before you've actually carried out your research, if you're submitting your dissertation in sections. This can be quite a challenge, leaving you uncertain as to whether you're explaining your methodology in an adequate way; if you don't give a suitable explanation, you risk undermining your dissertation and losing marks - or even not passing it.


Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

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Short on time or inspiration?

It's not just the difficulty of writing your methodology that can be a problem, however; sometimes the problem is simply that you're pressed for time and can't give this section the attention that it needs. And sometimes you just can't find the inspiration to identify the most appropriate method to pursue. You might also have other things going on in your life that mean you just don't have the time or energy to devote to writing your methodology. All this adds pressure that you really don't need when you're working on such an important project.

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