Personal Statement

So much at stake!

If you're asked to make a personal statement for your college or university application, that can be almost as challenging as any essay you'll write in the future. There's a lot depending on this - a good statement could be the one thing that swings a decision in your favour and gets you a place on the course you want to study. You need to make yourself sound like the kind of person a college wants - and most people just don't find it that easy to sell themselves.


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How to sell yourself

When you write your statement, you need to come across as an interesting and committed person, without being too arrogant or wacky. Explain why you are interested in both the course and the university, and how you feel it will help in your career. Colleges want to see evidence that you will work hard on the course and that you're not just applying to anything and everything. If they offer you a place on the course, and you turn out to be unsuited to it, that's a place someone else could have had.

Let our writers work their magic

The fact is that it's really hard to know what to write about yourself, especially with so much at stake. Knowing that your future could depend on your personal statement really makes you nervous. By far the best option is to ask one of our experienced writers to take over the task from you. They will be able to create an outstanding statement that neatly sums up your suitability for the course and what you can bring to the university. Meanwhile, you can look forward to the acceptance letters from every one of the institutions you apply to! Why leave such an important task to chance and risk sending in an inadequate personal statement, when you can let our writers provide you with the statement you need?